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Hello, friends. I'm Laura.

Or LA. Or Hollywood. Or Bobbett if you've known me long enough.

Thanks for stopping by and learning a little more about me. I've pursued photography as a hobby since the day I got my first film SLR at the age of 14. I was clueless and took a lot of pictures of my friends' cool perms and the flowers in my yard. After graduating to a DSLR in college, my love for photography started flourishing. As I traveled the world and watched friends experience major life moments, I realized that taking photos of real people and exotic places energized me. Now as I pursue photography as more than just a hobby, my dream is that my fascination will only continue to deepen as I grow in this art.

In terms of my personal style, the first word that comes to mind is natural. I am all about taking excellent photos that provoke emotion, memory, and love shared between individuals in a photograph. My personal style resembles a lifestyle type of photography. My goal is to capture you naturally as an individual or as you interact with those you love most. I want to capture your smiles, joy, and affection. I've had experience with engagement, seniors, family, travel, and small events. I've also dabbled in wedding photography. 

I currently reside in the suburbs of Chicago with my stud of a husband, our wild little boy, and the coolest black lab around, Mac Daddy.